The Shtetl Graphic by Chaim Goldberg

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The most superb masterpiece Line Engraving in a copper plate, ever executed by Chaim Goldberg, over a period of 6 months and with 15 trial proofs as states. Executed in 1972 and exhibited at the Smithsonian Institution Hall of Graphic Arts, Washington, DC during a One Man Show in 1973 as the lead piece along his large oil painting on loan from the Metropolitan Museum in NY. Hailed by many experts and curators as a fantastic piece of work in 15 states also exhibited, now the plate and one of the two full sets of the 15 trial proofs at each state is in the collection of the Smithsonian Institution, Washington, DC. Exhibited during a series of three museum shows in Poland between 2013 and 2016.


This Line Engraving is captivating and requires a great deal of looking as the fabric of the shtetl is woven into the image through expressive lines that were engraved by Chaim Goldberg while he lived in Queens, NY. Only a few numbered impressions remain.


Image size: 27” x 17½” with nice margins, in a warmed up mix of black ink on Arches Cover off-white sheet. The complete edition was published by the artist himself on his Rembrandt hand-cranked press. It sold well and has achieved several auction records over the years.