Ted Glasso


Ted Glasso is the pen name of an author, photographer and children's book writerand illustrator who was born in Poland. Rather than remain the shadows of his now famous and recognized father, he has chosen to promote his creative work under a stage name. “It fits,” he says.


Ted is multilingual and appreciates the twelve years he spent in Israel growing up. “It gives me a completely different perspective,” he says. He was first featured on a PBS special at the age of 14 in New York for his work in painted sculpture. Three young would be artists were featured in the half hour show called “The Young Artists,” and he was one of them. He started photographing on the streets of the Big Apple during his early days in 1969 in NewYork. His subject matter were children playing in the streets. This work was driven by a desire to become a photojournalist with Life Magazine. He developed a unique method of shooting these street encounters as candid sequences that tell a story. In 1971 when Life Magazine and Look Magazine both closed, he was devastated. 

After a brief exploration of the theater as his future he left the High School of Performing Arts and decided on a more conventional path. He was encouraged to follow his writing and graduated with a BS in Journalism and Marketing, a dual major from Pace University.


A few years later he founded a weekly newspaper in Houston, TX and later sold it to a large media company. He entered the world of Advertising and Marketing and excelled with handling clients such a subsidiary of SHELL and Delmag Diesel Hammers as well as American general Life in handling their sales campaigns and incentive program.


He kept photographing always delaying his entry into the field as a working artist/ Finally, upon his retirement in 2018 he decided to make the investment and emerge as a photographer by first introducing his candid sequence street shots as STRIPS 1, which is available as a portfolio set of 48 images in an edition of 20 signed and numbered suites. He also introduced his walls series with O' Jerusalem, a set of 18 signed prints. Stored in a private place is his complete darkroom with four enlargers that he hopes to have erected in his new home as a digital output to silver gelatin prints as opposed to inkjet prints. He loves the feeling of the photographic papers he held in his hands in the sixties and seventies when he had a fully functional darkroom. “Yet the digital capture and manipulation is far superior to the old ways,” he says.


Ted Glasso recently released six photography books of his work and two other books he had authored, one for Young Adults called “Cindy Jones and the Secret of Craycroft” and the Children's Picture Book he did from scratch, titled “Save the Egg.” Which tells the story of how a Bald Eagle is hatched in a chicken farm, and how the eagle discovers that he is an eagle.