Shully Ratzon

Shully Ratzon was born in 1978 to an Orthodox family in Jerusalem where lives today with her huband and six children.As a child she was recognized as having unusual artistic talent and in her teens her portfolio included impressive works. After she finished her seminary studies she completed her art studies with top artists learning a number of different techniques such as pencil, oil, and tempera on parchment.At the age of 26, after her marriage, she began a grand project to illuminate a large Megilat Esther, of five meters in length, packed with illustrations and decorations in the Renaissance style. The work took her three years to complete and astonished all those who saw it, thus earning a name for herself as one of the top Judaic artists in the world.
Shuli continues to create works in different styles, particularly tempera on parchment and oil on canvas. All her creations are endowed with Jewish grace and reflect a combination of past and present, elements of fine art, precise and realistic with colors that are unusual in modern styles.
Her works are found in private collections around the world