Shoshana Rothberg

Australian born Shoshana Rothberg began her career as a professional artist producing works of illuminated calligraphy. She produced hundreds of commissioned items including ketubot and personalized gifts for life's most memorable occasions.She later became interested oil painting & photography and developed her expertise in these disciplines under the guidance of fine art teachers of high caliber in Australia and Israel.Inspired by the Holy Land and its wondrous light and beauty, Shoshana was drawn to move to Jerusalem, Israel where she currently resides and continues to create exemplary works of art. She says:
”Painting, for me, has become a passionate mode of expression of my inner self. Throughout my life's journey, I have been blessed to discover the beauty of our wonderful Jewish Heritage and the Holy Land that constantly inspires me! Whether it's images that come to mind from the Holy Books, or landscapes, seascapes, portraits or still life... my intention is to convey this inspiration to the observer and touch a chord within them." She looks forward to more exhibitions in the near future.