Roots By Reuven Zukerman

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Size: 60X90cm


The photograph is a simple layer combination of Banias stream (Upper Galilee, Israel) with the uncovered roots on the forest road near Johanathan ben Uziel tomb in Safed. There are three keys that creator holds in his own hand: the key to a man’s birth, the key to the rains, and and the key to the final resurrection, This photograph is a part of a concept project depicting the main Jewish prayer – the Amidah. (Reuven’s prayer 2013) It illustrates the second blessing (describing G-d’s might). “You are mighty eternally, O Lord, the Reviver of the dead are You; abundantly able to save. It is You, Who makes the wind blow and the rain descend. It is You, Who sustains the living with kindness, Who resurrects the dead with abundant mercy, Who supports the fallen, Who heals the sick, Who releases the confined, and who maintains His faithfulness to those asleep in the dust. Who is like You, O Master of mighty deeds, and who is comparable to You, O King, Who causes death and restores life, and makes salvation sprout! And You are trustworthy to resurrect the dead. Blessed are You, Hashem, Who resurrects the dead.” The name added to the picture in the project -“ …from which to irrigate a groove of young trees” ( Ecclesiastes 2 :6) I can say one simple thing: today, we all know who we are, and for what purpose we came into this world. But it is so very easy to fill this awareness with noise! So often we feel that fulfilling our purpose just doesn’t fit our lifestyle. We all know that there is a Creator out there, and we even realize what we are obligated to do in order to reveal Him in our lives:perform good deeds, or other Commandments, etc. Even people, who are far from a religious outlook, are familiar with their Divine roots. As a great righteous man once said, we are not allowed to just waste our time. Every one of us has to use his best virtues and powers that he was granted, to connect to his roots, and stay connected! Being connected with your local WiFi isn’t enough, you have to do more that that! Act! - put a foot on the road, embark on a journey, till you understand that you don’t not know anything! Start learning, get to the stream, ford it in the deepest point, fight! - win your battle… just rise up. All together. Recall! Blossom! Forever!