Psalm 20, Limited Edition Framed, by Moshe Tzvi Berger

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"May He send your help from the sanctuary
and support you from Zion." 

Psalm 20:3

At the top, the partially hidden Yud hints at infinity. Out of the Yud, other letters stream downward.  Below, the letters represent the Jewish people gathering together as they approach Jerusalem. With the advent of the Third Temple and the age of the Messiah, the upper and lower letters will join together,  thus bridging the spiritual and material worlds for all eternity. Through the Torah we can raise our material existence and bring the day of Redemption ever closer.

Moshe Tzvi Berger

This is a unique lithograph depicting Psalm 20 as interpreted by Moshe Tzvi Halevi Berger.

It is signed by the artist, numbered in a limited edition, and stamped by the Museum of Psalms which alone has the ability to warranty its authenticity.

The work presented here is offered on a high grade quality paper, textured, and 100 % acid free.

32" x 27" x 1.5". Dimensions include frame. In stock in New York.