Our Family Seder 1931 Graphic by Chaim Goldberg

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  1. 1.                   “Our Family Seder of 1931” (formerly known as “Family Feast” )

Exhibited at the Smithsonian Institution,Washington, DC during a One Man Show in 1973. I. B. Singer wrote the introduction. 


A masterpiece, large and moody candle lit Passover feast as the artist recalled. A Line Engraving in a copper plate. The artist decided on an edition size of 90 signed and numbered images but only published half during the first printing and the balance later, however the balance was never pulled and thus this line engraving is more valuable and will become rare sooner, than others!


Image size: 17⅝” x 23¾” with full margins, in warm black ink on Arches Cover off-white paper. Edition size marked 90 impressions, however only 50 impressions were pulled and 19 remain. Signed by the artist and numbered. Pulled by the artist himself on his Rembrandt hand-cranked press.