Menachem Yaffe

Menachem Yaffe, born in Jerusalem, 1980.
An autodidact, Menachem began to paint abstract art with religious significance together with a broad worldly outlook.
Yaffe expresses himself through abstract art, radiant color, and varying formations. His work is both unique and authentic. He is influenced by strong philosophical questioning, and He wants his work to generate a quest for wisdom, truth and justice." He has been exhibited four times in the recent years, most recently solo exhibits in major Jerusalem galleries. Menachem.."I like to see my art as cultural spiritual action"."I believe strongly that if a man has the power in him from within his soul, he has to use it, for if not, that part will cause sorrow and pain."
Says Menachem "My life, like my art, has ups and downs....but all in a very positive way. My artwork is complex, combining my personality, which is expressed via the spring of light that flows from me. I feel like a prism in G­d's hands! Experiencing the oil paint with my hands on the canvas. I ask us all, what is art? And why do we like to engage ourselves to look at it and create it...?"

"I don't always know what I'm going to paint....and I am grateful to G­d for the gifts He has given me. Thank you G­d!.." Yaffe lives with his wife Chana and adorable two year old daughter in Bnei Brak, a suburb of Tel Aviv.