IYIM Art Show ( 70 Works for 70 Years)





 August 19th 7-11 PM Inbal Hotel Jerusalem - Also Live Streamed

The IYIM Judaic Heritage Program for the Deaf and Hearing Impaired has been running since the year 2000 and was the first of its kind to bring the richness of Judaism to the Deaf population of Israel. The program has evolved to meet the changing needs of Israel’s Deaf, with a focus on youth programming and helping bridge worlds with the Hearing world through Jewish traditions and heritage-focused programming.


The program seeks to strengthen Jewish and Zionist identity via interactive activities where open dialogue and active participation are encouraged. Jewish life milestones are highlighted and the festivals celebrated around the Jewish calendar year. In addition, the program aims to empower Deaf youth to maximize their personal potential. This program is dynamic in terms of new programming and expansion to reach even more members of this population group.


Our partnership with the Shema after-school network helps us to expand our programming to reach even more of Israel’s Deaf youth. 


In addition to the numerous Shema centers participating in the Annual Bar/Bat Mitzvah Celebration, IYIM launched yet more activities in 2018, including Heritage Tours to Biblical sites, Pesach Tiyulim for teens, summer sports camp and other,




Annual Bar & Bat Mitzvah Celebration


This is a semester-long program which begins with in-depth Jewish education and culminates in a full-day event  bringing together Deaf young adults from across Israel to celebrate this important Jewish life milestone together with their peers, family members and school counselors. Participants come from every city across the country, including Eilat in the South to border communities in the North. Celebrants and families then gather together for the crown jewel Bar/Bat Mitzvah celebration, which includes a full ceremony, festive meal, and tour of the Old City of Jerusalem.