Crossing the Sea Fine Art Print by Yoram Raanan

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 19.7 x 27.56 inches  or 50 x 79 cm

 This print is made using 100% archival inks and certified paper authenticated numbered and signed by the artist. A generic  French term  to descibe "jet d'encre" (inkjet) refined to "gicleur" (jet/sprayer) and then "Giclée" (sprayed).  We prefer to use Digigraphie ® label which is relatively  recent. Digigraphie® was officially launched on 13th November  2003, at the centenary of the Autumn Exhibition. But its practice is much older. For several years, photographers, sculptors and painters, as well as service providers (photo laboratories and lithographic studios), have been using the technology of Epson printers to produce highest quality prints on art paper. This in turn has opened the doors to a new discipline: the digital reproduction of a work of art.



The painting began as a beautiful abstract landscape.  Much depends on the artist's willingness to reach deeper and break through the barrier of mere prettiness.  Searching for what was hidden within he over painted the previous painting, and a huge wave, like a wall of water,   opened   a new pathway through the sea.    Even though the Israelites crossed the sea thousands of years ago, the parting of the sea remains a timeless metaphor for taking a leap of faith, forging forward to discover hidden treasures.