Graphic Art

Graphic Art

Posted by Jonathan Hemley on Nov 24th 2019

Lithographic Art

It is an old type of printing that is little used today with the advent of digital printing. There are two types of lithography that are used: a) stone and b) metal plates. Ink and grease are applied to the plates which then are printed unto paper in a limited edition usually of about 200 copies. The Jewish Jerusalem Fine Art Store features the lithographs of Chaim Goldberg who produced stone (limestone) lithographs. These lithographs were limited to a run of 200, The runs were then cancelled, and the plates destroyed. In addition, Goldberg hand colored each lithograph. They were all signed. The coloring for each print was unique. . An example of this is The Visitor on our website:

The Visitor

Line Engraving

Line engraving is a method of printing images by carving an image on a metal plate and then printing it on paper. Some of the work by Chaim Goldberg on The Jewish Jerusalem Fine art Store used this method. These were all limited edition. They were made using a copper plate. An example of this is Parents 2 on the site. This had a limited edition of only 55:

Parents 2

Colored Aquatint

Colored aquatint is like line engravings, but it only creates outlines. Chaim Goldberg used copper plates. The plates have a shorter life than those used for line engravings. An example of this method  is The Klezmer Trio:

Klezmer Trio