Blessing of the Moon Graphic by Chaim Goldberg

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A masterpiece Line Engraving in a copper plate, executed in 1972 and exhibited at the Smithsonian Institution Hall of Graphic Arts. Only a partial edition of 75 signed and numbered impressions was published out of a noted edition of 90 as marked. With the only lighting the artist depicts the Rosh Chodesh blessing he had witnessed at his village synagogue in Kazimierz Dolny, Poland, although the moon appears to be “fatter” than the first sliver we are accustomed to, the weather was so blistery and stormy that the kahal replicated the blessing at the first opportunity to do so when the moon became visible. Exhibited at the Smithsonian Institution,Washington, DC during a One Man Show in 1973. Exhibited during a series of three museum shows in Poland between 2013 and 2016.


Image size: 19” x 16½” with nice margins, in lamp black ink on Arches Cover off-white trimmed wet sheet. A complete edition was never published! Only 75 signed and numbered prints were pulled by the artist himself on his Rembrandt hand-cranked press.