Barak Bard

Barak Bard is a documentary film maker who has worked in video & television production for several decades. Still photography, however is an art that he’s practiced mostly for his own pleasure. He carries a camera nearly everywhere and is ever on the lookout for a moment where time & light combine to tell a story that only the eye can hear. 
The photos presented here are in two categories that Barak has been exploring for many years.
Hipshots - Photos of people being uniquely themselves, unposed, even unaware they are being observed by the camera, but revealing, in an instant something true about each.
Designs - Men and women most imitate G-d when they create something out of their own vision by their own hand. That is why Barak includes in this series, designs made by human hands, whether deliberately or inadvertently, as well as designs by the Creator.  
Though Barak has followed his photographic passion in many countries and continents, the photos in this gallery are all connected to Israel and/or the Jewish people.
These photos have never before been displayed in public or offered for purchase anywhere. The Jewish Jerusalem Fine Arts Store is proud to present them for the first time ever.