A Judaic artist, with many skills – She is a fifth-generation Jerusalemite, who has been creating and painting since she was a small child.  Born to a family who has lived for many generations in Jerusalem, her paintings have absorbed the unique Jerusalem scent: magical views, and charming nooks in both ancient, and modern-day Jerusalem, the Western Wall in numerous variations, majestic personalities who are bound with the chain of the timeless nation, and rich, Jewish, life experiences. Menucha Yankelevitch paints with various media, and uses assorted techniques; these include exclusive Judaica on parchment and stone, and contemporary, modern-day paintings. Menucha acquired her skills by studying from artists, but her main knowledge has been attained through actual painting on a daily basis. Her works are interwoven with experiences from various eras, and contain much depth.
In her paintings, the hand of the artist is recognizable by the viewer, and projects calm and inner joy, which can be perceived in the strength of expression and range of colors. Her broad-ranging styles invite everyone to connect, to become excited and enchanted by the beautiful painting or from the concealed skills Menucha is a forward-looking individual, and this finds expression in her modern-day paintings. Lately, she has embarked on a new line of exclusive, modern paintings with a dominant factor of fine impressions of color on a white background, with strong,
broad strokes of color. The artistic result is electrifying! The artist Menucha Yankelevitch has been displayed in numerous private exhibitions, and she has also participated in many group exhibitions in high-end galleries, the most recent of which are:
Private exhibits:
2017 “My Jerusalem” in the entry gallery of the Science center, Har Chotzvim Jerusalem, Curator: Michal Sadan.
2017 “Man, woman, child” in the Ramat Aviv Mall: Tel Aviv, Curator: Ayelet Biron
2016 “A view to Jerusalem” in the Silver House Gallery of Ramat Gan. Curator: Lory Pashnitza.
2012 “My city, Jerusalem” in Shilat Junction.
2011 “Peace to you, Oh Jerusalem!” in Mammila “Arlov Boulevard” Curator: Tzippy Vittal, P.R: Michal Sadan
2003 “Jerusalem and her sons” Municipal Gallery of Jerusalem. Curator: Medalyne Vanunu and Dr. Ziva Geva Levine.
Group exhibitions:
2017 “My Jerusalem” – “Studia” exhibition in the Jerusalem Municipality.
2017 “Autumn” –– “Studia” exhibition in Heichal Shlomo in Jerusalem, Curator: Michal Sadan.
2017 “My Jerusalem” – “Studia” exhibition in Knesset Yisrael in Jerusalem.
2017 “From the depths” –  in the Electra tower in Tel Aviv, Curator: Yonat Choli
2017 “Studio” exhibit in the Science center, Har Chotzvim Jerusalem. P.R: Michal Sadan.
2016 “International” In B’jarar Bachar in Jerusalem, Curator: Dr. Ziva Geva Levine P.R: Michal Sadan
2016 “Behold my country, you are betrothed to me” – “Rubinstein House” Tel Aviv, Curator: Lory Pashnitza.
2016 “Room” – Elians House, Treasury project with new spirit, Curator: Etzion Mizrachi
2016 “Fifty shades of grey” in the new gallery of the artist center of Bat Yam, Curator: Chanita Elitzur
2016 “The view of my youth” – In the Besser Tower 2, and in the V Tower in Bnei Brak, Curator: Yonat Choli
2016 “Three pine cones” – Nature exhibition in the Besser Tower, Bnei Brak, Curator: Yonat Choli.
2015 Display in the diamond bourse – Ramat Gan, Curator: Yael Margalit
2010 “From within the soul” – Heichal Shlomo Jerusalem, Curator: Anat Chen
2005 Jerusalem Municipality – Women’s exhibition, Curator: Madelyne Vanunu

Her paintings have been purchased by local and international collectors, and are permanently displayed in the following galleries:
“Beit HaBad” – in the Old City
“Heaven” – Shlomtzion HaMalka St.
katanl – King David St.
“Jerusalem Artistry” – Me’ah She’arim St.
“Meleches Machsheves” – Me’ah She’arim St.

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