How do you awaken your soul? I ignite my soul through art. When I’m painting, I meditate to turn myself into a vessel. Then I draw down light from the higher realms and shape that light into movement & color. In a sense it is letting go. Releasing the shackles which bind me to the physical world and allowing me to walk upon a different plane, the realm of the spirit.”


Ariel Fabian Lijtmaer was born in 1974 in New York City to Jewish parents from Argentina. Fabian started painting at the ripe age of eight. His first loves were drawing and eating chocolate. Fabian attended Vassar College where he where he unearthed a passion for spirituality, which subsequently became the wellspring for his art.


After graduation, Fabian began a search for his own spirit. He backpacked through the Andes Mountains and voyaged to the high grasslands of Tibet, exploring underwater kingdoms in Indonesia and living in Japan for two years while producing a feature documentary film. At this point NYC was his home-base. Fabian developed a curriculum to teach music, film and spirituality, through the lens of English, at an international language school. His passion for the arts manifests in his teaching and serves as a source of energy and excitement for him.


In 2012, Fabian earned a Masters Degree in Leadership & Change and made Los Angeles his home. After more than fourteen years of teaching, Fabian launched a series of art & music meditation workshops. These transformation workshops provide an opportunity for people to connect to their soul by going on a guided meditation journey through his art work, accompanied by live music. Each piece of art is a gateway, a portal to another world.


For Fabian, painting is a means to transform darkness into light, and ultimately, a way to facilitate a personal dialogue with g-d. May his art to serve as a gateway to catapult you to higher states of consciousness! May you build a sanctuary of strength & tranquility within yourself. 


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